Shopping Information

From where do you ship?

We ship all of our watches from Germany, where we are located. 

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

We ship via DHL Priority mail. For
Germany: 1-3 days
Europe:2-4 days
USA+Canada: 4-7 days

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. 

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

For orders under €25 we use DHL Priority mail. For orders over, we use DHL Tracked shipping, which provides you with a tracking number as well as usually being 1 day faster.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and now also Crypto Currencies.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

Yes! We use SSL to protect you and keep your information safe. None of your payment info is saved on our website or server. It is saved directly on the providers server, for example Paypal or Stripe.

Orders and Returns

How do I place an Order?

Click the “ADD TO CART” button and follow the checkout process.

Do I need an account to place an order?

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Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Use the Contact page to write us, we’ll get back to you very soon.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

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How Do I Track My Order?

On orders over €25  we provide you with a tracking number. You will receive this per email, or you can check your Account here or also check your Order tracking here.

How Can I Return a Product?

If you are unhappy you have 14 days from the day your product arrives to return it. You can write us via our Contact page to let us know that your are returning it or you can just send it back. We will refund you within 1 business day once the product arrives.