Do I really need a watch?


The Denial

I know what you’re thinking- “I don’t need a watch, I have a smart phone!” Of course you don’t need one, just like you don’t need running shoes to run, a sports car to drive to work and an iPhone to make a phone call. But you want it. Because it feels good.

Especially for men, there’s something awesome about beautiful tools. Things that require precision and skill to be put together by craftsmen. Artisans in their trade. And watches are no different from a beautiful old car. Sure, no one needs it. But the fact that it outlast time and fads and can still be considered beautiful after many years of use makes it something amazing.



Oddly enough, no one really buys a watch to tell the time. It’s a statement, but not just a cliché one. Just like a Porsche is rarely driven on a track, you probably won’t take your Speedmaster to the Moon or your Oyster to the bottom of the sea to go dumpster diving inside the Titanic. But the fact that it could, that’s what counts! Just in case, you see.

It’s the things that go on inside the watch,and outside of it that make it one of the, if not the favourite accessory to men and women. It’s the amount of thought, time and finishing work that goes into a timepiece that makes it valuable and lasting, even in the day of the smart phone. Something that is sorely missing in an age where your 15 second Instagram story only lasts 24 hours before disappearing forever into the oblivion.



What an incredible feat of human ingenuity that you can take a few gears, a tiny, tiny amount of voltage passing through (electricity being a miracle in itself!) and be able to tell TIME! What humans have known about for millennia, and crudely measured with sticks in the ground, we can now measure accurately second for second.

And it’s not a computer that fills a room, it is a marvel of engineering sitting on your wrist, in any style you like, to fit any occasion. Just so you can make the most of every where, any time.



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